Advice For Student Performers (AO Edit)

If you watch Got Talent or The Voice, you pretty much already know this. Your personality is part of your performance. It’s not just what you’re performing. It’s how you greet the audience, what you say before you start, how you thank the audience, how you interact with others offstage, etc. This is the most common mistake I see performers make. They don’t make eye contact with audience members. They don’t use the stage to their advantage. They don’t hold onto their sense of humor which is one of the main gateways to creativity. These are all things that I try to think about in addition to what I’m actually performing.

Pen Name: Ghost

"I believed in ghosts as a kid. Pretty standard. It was the usual monsters under the bed or in the closet kind of scenario, though mine also included snake heads on doors and moving wall phantoms, among other manifestations. All of it was part of having a child’s powerful imagination, and I knew that already. I wasn’t a superstitious child, and I was reassured by adults and older kids telling me they would eventually go away. They never did. Maybe it’s because I never grew up, and I still have a child’s imagination. Sometimes, I have trouble sleeping or wake up in the middle of the night, because the ghosts would want to talk to me. The scariest thing about the dark is not everything can be seen, so it prompts the imagination to respond in an incredibly convincing way. This kind of anxiety is now a part of me, but not by choice. It’s never a choice anyway."