Quiet Voice

Mood Music: Crywolf – Act Two: A Shattering In F# Minor



The mother

Says to her sleeping child

“Everything will be okay”,

And despite the quiet of her voice,

The words echo to the child,

Louder than the monsters under the mattress,

But not the monsters inside

That grow scarier as the child grows,

Taking the form of flashbacks

To tiny bombs

That create loud voices,

Nothing clear

Except the tears of once happy children.


And for this child,

The tears still continue,

And the memories carry through

To adolescence and adulthood.


And the adult screams at the world,

As loud and as often as she can.

Her voice is heard

By other children once happy

And their mothers,

And they scream with her,

But all of these voices

Are drowned out

By the overwhelming silence

Of apathy.


And so the adult,

Says to her sleeping child

In a quiet voice

“Everything will be okay”,

And continues to scream,

So that one day,

That may be true,

For her daughter’s child

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