Mood Music: Sorrow – Kalypso


Smoke enters through my metal mouth

And leaves through a stuttered exhale

Its slow burn stinging my glass eyes

And permeating through my bone shell

Like how half and half

Changes a cup of black coffee


She’s standing across from me

Doing the same thing

But I wonder what color

Smoke changes her brain into


We’re having a conversation

About past lovers

Something I’ve talked about many times

But it seems to be her first

And as she speaks

I take her self-esteem

Like it’s currency

And I’m a kleptomaniac


And I’m paying with my lifespan

To lease a perfect emotional moment

Knowing it will disappear

Like drawings on a foggy bus window


But when this is over

It’s gonna hit me

Like a bad dream I can’t remember

Like all the shit that pops up

When you turn on your phone

After its been dead for a while

Everything’s gonna fire

At the same time

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